10 fairytale castles and palaces worth-visiting

10 fairytale castles and palaces worth-visiting

The most famous fairytale castles are probably the ones that originate from legends and myths. Well known examples are King Arthur’s Camelot and the Cinderella and Sleeping Beaty castles that can be found in several theme parks around the world.

This list contains their real world counterparts and source of inspiration. These real fairytale castles are just as magical and most are associated with stories and fairy tales of their own.

1.Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia

Fairytale castles

Τhis palace complex, with gardens with 206 fountains and 37 gold-plated statues, symbolising sea deities and Russian rivers, known as “Russian Versailles“, fully expresses the wish of Russian Grand Master Peter the Great to imitate the elegance of the French Court in its own capital, St. Petersburg.

2. Chenonceau Castle, France

 Fairytale castles

The highlight of this glorious castle of the Loire Valley is the fairy-tale Chenonceau Castle, the castle of the Ladies, built in the 16th century on the river Cher. Two of its magnificent gardens were created by two of its hosts: Diana of Poitiers and Catherine of the Medici.

3. Mysore Palace, South India

Fairytale castlesPink marble domes, beautifully carved arches, sculptures of Hindu deities, and a five-storey tower dominate the impressive palace of the Mysore Maharashtra palace, which during the annual Hindu celebration of Dussehra every autumn, it is illuminated by more than 96,000 lights.

4. Mega Palace, Bangkok Thailand

Fairytale castles

This vast palace, which has been the seat of the kings of Siam for centuries, exceeds 213,677 sq. m.  Amidst the grandiose kiosks and courtyards are the Emerald Buddha Temple with gorgeous sculptures and a 15th-century image of jade.

5.Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City, Mexico

Fairytale castles

Chapultepec, the only American castle to host kings, is built over the city of Mexico, on a hill dedicated to the Aztecs. Emperor Maximilian I and his wife rebuilt the castle in the mid-19th century and gave it its current neoclassical style.

6.Warwick Castle, England

Fairytale castles

Originally built of wood, it was rebuilt in stone by King William I in 1068 in the 12th century. From this fort, the Warwick comets faced hostile attacks, fought with the plague, and withstood the siege of the English Civil War in 1642

7. Alcazar Castle, Segovia, Spain

Fairytale castles and palaces

Like the bow of a ship in the waves, this 12th-century castle was built on a steep cliff at the confluence of two rivers and served as the beloved residence of the kings of Castile during the Middle Ages. The Kings Hall is adorned with 52 portraits of Spanish kings.

8. Neuschwanstein castle, Schwangau, Germany

10 fairytale castles and palaces worth-visiting

The dreamy castle of “crazy” King Ludwig II of Bavaria was designed around 1860 as a private haven in the majestic Schwangau landscape, with fairytale architecture and frescoes inspired by Richard Wagner’s operas.

9. Palace of Potashes, Tibet

10 fairytale castles and palaces worth-visiting

A symbol of Tibetan Buddhism, home to the Dalai Lama until 1959, the palace is built on the red hill and overlooks the Lhasa River Valley. The 17th-century red and white palaces have more than a thousand rooms with immense treasures, such as worship statues and manuscripts.

10. Himeji castle, Japan

Himeji Castle has endured 400 years full of wars, fires and earthquakes and has remained in its original form. The magnificent plaster walls of its central tower gave it the nickname “Castle of White Heron”

Whether you choose to visit one or all of these castles is entirely up to you, but definitely make sure that you visit at least one, we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

But, remember, if you do visit one or all of these castles, be sure to comment below!


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