Explore destinations based on your favourite season

Winter is here, temperatures are dropping, the first snows have already made their appearance and many magical places are waiting for you to explore their beauties. For the adventurous who defy the cold and are ready to explore new winter destinations, these are the top destinations worth visiting in the heart of winter.



Spring, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year and we can only enjoy the blooming and fragrant moments of nature, in an endless feast of colors, that nature gives us so generously. Everything has now been resurrected from the lethargy of winter and our senses hit red, in the magic of the spring swirl, and it invite us to meet and discover the little paradises on earth. Journeys that will travel the mind and take all the worries and stress away, beyond the beauty and happiness of the spring portrait. One of the advantages of traveling in the spring is that you can get to know the authenticity of a place, away from the crowds of summer, and get very affordable and good prices, both in accommodation and in catering. The weather is good, without extreme temperatures and everything is cool and green.


The world has incredible beauties and many people choose summer for their holidays. That’s why prices are skyrocketing, especially in the month of August, when most people can take time off work. So, if you are thinking of spending your summer holidays exploring new places, then in summer there are hundreds of places you can visit. There are many beautiful summer destinations both in Europe and on the other continents and many of the cities have various events and festivals during the summer which you can attend.



Apart from pumpkins and cardigans, autumn is also one of the best times to travel. Most people travel in the summer, but explorers travel during fall. First of all, the prices are a bit better everywhere. Although it is even better after Christmas, February and March, then it is much colder (in the northern hemisphere at least). Therefore, autumn is the season that balances everything very nicely; on the one hand it has lower prices on hotels and tickets, as well as less people, while on the other hand, especially in Europe and North America, nature is adorned with the wonderful orange-red colours of leaves of trees.