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The mountain of the Centaurs is perhaps the only mountain in Greece that is vivid all year round. It harmoniously combines the mountainous element with the sea, as many of its villages, such as Makrinitsa, have a magnificent view of the Pagasitic Gulf.


Others have lush waters and some of the best beaches in Europe such as Damouchari.


Pelion belongs to the Prefecture of Magnesia and is an all time destination of special beauty with an altitude that in some places exceeds 1500 meters.

In fall the colours in Pelion are magical as dozens of shades of green blend harmoniously with the orange leaves of the trees and the routes are dreamy.

During winter the chimneys from the villages steam and at night the settlements light up leaving the mountain to calm down while in summer, Pelion is an oasis of coolness and tranquility.

A Must-Do in Pelion is to let the senses lead you to the magical path of Centaurs with waterfalls, bridges and unspoiled nature.

It is located shortly after Portaria, on the road that leads to Makrinitsa and immediately after the walk you have to try the local cuisine and especially spetsofai, lemonade, zigouri and drink mountain tea or tsipouro.

Both these villages are top winter destinations in Pelion.

On the other hand, Milies of Pelion is a beautiful and romantic village with traditional cafes in the village square and the historic Temple of the Greatest Brigadiers.

It was built during the Turkish occupation in such a way that its exterior does not betray its existence.

The top attraction of this village is a train that was built at the end of the 19th century.

When it ceased to function, it was designated as a historical and preserved monument but it now reopens with itineraries only during summer.

Vyzitsa, one of the most picturesque villages of Pelion, has received the distinction “Golden Apple” and it is one of the best preserved settlements in Greece.

Tsagarada is the most touristic area, not unjustly, since it looks like a painting with apple trees, chestnuts, plane trees and arched bridges.

Whatever season you travel you will see enchanting landscapes, but Pelion at Christmas has a unique atmosphere.

The accommodation options are innumerable for all budgets.

From traditional mansions that have kept stone and wood in their style, modern hotels with spa, simple rooms to villas with private pools.

For the festive seasons, start your search in time to find several offers for accommodation in Pelion.

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Α mythical route with the historic train in Milies Pelion

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In Chania, there are several of the best hotels in Pelion.

It is the most mountainous settlement of Magnesia with an altitude of 1200 meters.

Many prefer Chania because they are only two kilometres away from the ski resort of Pelion but also because it has many taverns and cafes that offer hot local delicacies.

In Agriolefkes you will find the ski resort located at an altitude of 1471 meters.

It maintains four ski slopes with a total length of ten kilometres and another which is a five-kilometre endurance road with incomparable views of the Aegean Sea.

At the ski resort, guests can purchase or rent ski or snowboard equipment. There is a winter sports school for both adults and children up to three years old.

Also on the premises you will find a shelter, a GP and of course restaurants and refreshments to enjoy your drink or a meal.


Pelion is a few kilometres from Volos, 217 km from Thessaloniki and 320 from Athens.

It is connected by air with Volos and Skiathos and you can go there by bus from Volos.

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