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Many call Arachova as Mykonos of the winter for its intense rhythms and nobility.

Organize your trip by booking a room in one of the dozens of hotels in Arachova to relax, photoshoot alpine beauty landscapes, try traditional Greek delicacies and indulge in endless hours of skiing at the Parnassos ski resort.


Αrachova is located in the prefecture of Viotia and it is built at the foot of Mount Parnassos.

Guests choose it for short holidays with accommodation in one of the hotels and villas in Arachova, even for a day trip.

In the heart of this beautiful city is Lakka Square with its separate cobbled alleys where you will find taverns to try lamb in oil paste, kontosouvli or the famous cheese of the area, formaela.

In your trip, you will find shops that are constantly open to get village pasta, souvenirs from wood, oregano, herbs and other local products.

The locals will welcome you and if you ask them they will  share  more and more local tips.

As a small state with a cosmopolitan air, Arachova has many shops as well and its nightlife is one reason young people prefer it.

Cafes, bars and clubs for entertainment that suits all tastes and all seasons.

The next stop on your walk has a little adventure: Weather permitting, climb the 264 steps of Eggarsios until you reach the Church of Agios Georgios for a view that is unparalleled.

Finally, the most Instagrammable point of Arachova is its clock which due to the low temperatures in the area, the locals used it to store their cheeses.

Hotels in Arachova retain their traditional character and they are made of stone or wood with large and modern hotel facilities.

The infrastructure and tourism are so sophisticated in the area that you should not be impressed if you can’t find a room if you are looking for this weekend.

There are of course the luxury options such as the famous chalets of Arachova with the most common facilities being fireplace, hot tub, barbecue and sauna.

You will also have the opportunity to get closer to nature by horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, piggy riding, snowshoeing and snowmobile.

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Leaving Arachova at 960 meters, the paradise of winter sports on Parnassos begins.

The ski center is located at an altitude of 1,640 – 2,260 meters and has 23 slopes with a total length of 34 km, making it the largest in Greece.

It is ideal for all levels of skiing and one of the most advanced in the world as it has five detachable Combi lifts.

There are instructors to teach you skiing and snowboarding and there is the possibility of renting, maintaining and purchasing equipment.

For a more fun and relaxed  way to play with the snow you can rent a sleigh.

In the area of the ski center there are chalets that will welcome you after you return from the ski slopes to enjoy your hot drink.

On the premises you will also find restaurants, souvenir shop and there is the possibility of medical care in the presence of a doctor and a nurse.

The closest solution for overnight stay is accommodation in Arachova.

What more relaxing after a day in the snow to enjoy a delicious meal by the large fireplace that will be accompanied by a glass of fresh Arachovite wine.

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Arachova is in a very central part of Greece and it is a nearby destination from various areas.

It is 167 km from Athens, 135 km from Patras, 10 km from Delphi and 375 km from Thessaloniki.

Parnassos ski resort is 24 km away.

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