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Elati is one of the most popular winter destinations in Greece with a magnificent landscape of endless firs on the slope of Mount Koziakas, in South Pindos.

It has many options for an unforgettable stay and gastronomic experiences with the famous sweets of the spoon winning even the most demanding in flavors. It is located very close to the city of Trikala and a breath away from Pertouli, another green paradise offered for family and romantic getaways.

The fairytale village is located at an altitude of 1090 meters and has one of the most beautiful ski resorts which is a choice of young and old for an unforgettable vacation.

About Elati and Pertouli

Elati, Trikala, also known as Tyrna, is located at an altitude of 950 meters on Mount Koziaka and has about 400 inhabitants.

It is one of the most touristic areas of Trikala since it receives visitors all year round, even for a day trip from the neighboring areas, especially on weekends.

According to the latest census, Pertouli had only 73 inhabitants while historically it is one of the oldest villages in Thessaly.

The ski resort in Pertouli has increased tourism in the area and there are many who combine an excursion to Elati and Neraidochori.

The vast forest that stretches to 33000 acres gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy activities such as hiking, horse riding, archery and of course skiing.

Where and

In Pertouli there are many options for food with traditional flavors of high quality such as lamb in the hull, deer, trachana and homemade pasta while it is famous for its nice cheeses and handmade tsipouro.

Those who want to combine the excursion with the visit to the ski center choose the accommodation in Pertouli to be closer.

Apart from traditional guesthouses built of stone, there are also elegant hotels in Pertouli with high standards of hospitality for all budgets.

At the ski resort there is the possibility for learning skiing, equipment rental but also the organization of a unique experience that is none other than night skiing.

It has 3 lifts and 3 slopes with a total length of 2 km. The red is 1400 meters long, the blue 400 and the green is educational and has a length of 80 meters.

For those who do not dare to go down the slopes with ice skates, there is a safe choice of sledding in Pertouliotika Livadia, which are located directly opposite.

Useful phone & information

Elati is 6 km away from Pertouli, 8 km away from the ski center of Pertouli, 40 km away from Trikala, 360 km away from Athens and 260 km away from Thessaloniki.

One can reach either by car, by bus or by train via Trikala.

The road is gentle and never closes.

The phone number for KTEL Trikala is +30 24310 73130 while for taxis +30 24340 71216.

The telephone at the ski resort is +30 24340-91382.

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Activities in Elati and Pertouli

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Elati is more cosmopolitan with more options for gourmets as it is famous for dishes that remain indelible to gastronomy lovers, such as pork shank, wild boar steak and goat. After a gastronomic meal,you can walk and shop for local products with oregano being the favorite for the visitors.

The hotels in Elati are made of stone and wood and even for a weekend getaway they give the feeling to the guests that they live in a wonderful alpine landscape.In winter the roofs are decorated with the fluffy layer of snow and at every step there is the smell of wood burning in the fireplaces of houses and shops.

A favorite habit is to gather with friends in cafes in the afternoon, to play table games and enjoy hot drinks by the fireplace.

Climbing the Red Rock and hiking on mountain trails are among the most popular activities for young and old.

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