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Those who are well versed in the secrets of the capital of Epirus, they know that the city is “located between two continents”, Europe and Asia. Built on the Egnatia Odos which in antiquity was the path that connected the West with the East.

Ioannina is mainly known for its enchanting lake, Pamvotida, which has been so loved and has inspired all kinds of artists.

In winter the escape is ideally combined with accommodation in Ioannina and a visit to the ski resort of Metsovo.


Ioannina are built on the shores of the lake of Kyra-Frosini and the feeling that the city brings out is of calm and well-being, like any place that has water dominant in its environment.

The island in the lake may not have a name but it has grace and some inhabitants who keep it alive.

Daily boats transport visitors from Ioannina to admire it.

Since you will never get enough of the walks around the lake, organize your excursion to see as many attractions as you can.

Over the years it has been a multicultural city and there are strong elements from different eras.

Impressive is the imposing Castle of Ioannina, home of Ali Pasha, which includes the outer district, the northwestern citadel with the prominent Aslan Pasha Mosque, the southeastern citadel with the famous Its Kale and the castle city.

Just outside Ioannina there is the cave of Perama which dates back to 1.5 million years.

The visit will be unforgettable because each booth is reminiscent of a fairy tale on the ice.

The most famous stalagmites are the “Cross”, the “Santa Claus” and the “Statue of Liberty”.

It is a very developed tourist city and has many accommodations with high quality facilities.

One of the most majestic hotels in Ioannina is the Grand Serai Congress and Spa, which is a jewel in the city and harmoniously connects its past with the present.

Another luxury proposal is the Hotel du Lac Congress and Spa in Ioannina where besides a warm stay you can enjoy moments of relaxation in the luxurious spa.

Gastronomic trademark of Ioannina is the frog legs while high in the preferences come the pies, trout and for dessert baklava.

Sker burek is a traditional dessert of Ioannina that means sugar pie while you should try the special liqueurs without alcohol.

For your evening entertainment you have to choose from quiet to busy bars and restaurants, since in the city live many students who keep the nightlife on the ramparts!

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Metsovo is a neighboring city of Ioannina and these two destinations are often combined on the same trip.

The ski center of Anilio in Metsovo is one of the newest constructions that operates all year round for summer and winter sports.

Since 2017 it belongs to Anilio Advenure Park, a modern natural sports and leisure park for the whole family.

It offers options for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile, sledding and is suitable for all levels of experience.

It is located at an altitude of 1680 meters to 1,850 and has 9 slopes.

Classes are given by experienced ski teachers to adults and children both for learning and for improving the technique.

You will find the necessary equipment for all ages while there are also maintenance services.

The elegant chalet is waiting for you to enjoy the view of the white peaks with your favorite drink, quality wines and delicious delicacies with a strong continental element.

The visitors of the ski resort prefer for their accommodation one of the dozens of hotels in Ioannina.

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Ioannina is 410 km away from Athens and 270 km away from Thessaloniki.

They have an airport and there are many bus routes from various cities in Greece.

The ski resort of Metsovo is 49 km away.

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