Pella Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort

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In an area where there are no beaches and the sea is several tens of kilometers away, the wet element is more intense than anywhere else. Pella is famous for the Waterfall Park in Edessa, the glamorous village of Ag. Athanasios, Lake Vegoritida and the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan.

Mount Voras is an ideal destination and unique experience for winter sports lovers but also for those who want to enjoy the unique view of Mount Olympus and Thermaic Gulf.

About Pella

Kaimaktsalan is located in the northern part of the prefecture of Pella and on the border of Greece with Northern Macedonia.

Its altitude reaches 2500 meters and is the third highest Greek mountain, which makes it imposing and very popular.

Anyone who reaches the top of the ski resort of Vora, will meet the white church of the Prophet Elias, which is a monument to Serb Serbs from the First World War.

What attracts the visitors in Kaimaktsalan, is that several points refer to a European winter destination, while at the same time the beauty of nature remains unchanged.

It has been operating as a winter destination for two and a half decades.

Before reaching out Kaimaktsalan you will meet the village of Agios Athanasios, which is also at an altitude of over a thousand meters.

For a long time it was an abandoned village, but in combination with the tourist interest of Kaimaktsalan, it is an ideal choice for visitors to enjoy a place with rare architecture and beauty.

There are several options for accommodation and entertainment.

The steaming drinks from local herbs stand out, the delicious local delicacies by the fireplace, enjoying the unique view of Lake Vegoritida.

The largest city near Kaimaktsalan is Edessa, which is known for its famous waterfalls which are located inside the city.

There are many hotels in Edessa and it is a practical solution for accommodation since from there you can easily explore the area.

The Cherries of Pella, a picturesque village at an altitude of over 700 meters, have taken their name from the cherries grown by the villagers, most of whom are farmers.

Ancient Pella teaches history lessons and narrates everyday life in Ancient Macedonia.

The liveliest choice is the Pozar Baths, which thanks to the river Toplitsa have warm waters all year round and gather thousands of visitors from all over the world who either want to enjoy unforgettable moments of well-being or to relieve their aching joints.

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The ski center is famous for its excellent infrastructure and most of the forest belongs to the Natura 2000 areas.

It has 13 slopes, 4 lifts and is ideal for all levels of experience, even for those who want to develop their technique.

The ski center has restaurants, cafes and snow bars, shops for rent and purchase of ski equipment, ski schools (learning or improving the technique), souvenir shop, etc.

There is also a special area dedicated to children, Playland, a snow playground, for unique experiences of fun and entertainment but also for skiing.

Both Kaimaktsalan – Vora Ski Resort and nearby Edessa, have all hotels options for the whole family: all-inclusive hotels ideal for children with a variety of activities to spend carefree, romantic and traditional guesthouses with fireplace and jacuzzi.


Edessa is 539 km away from Athens and 90 km away from Thessaloniki.

The Ski Center Vora – Kaimaktsalan is 45 km away from Edessa and has two telephones with 24-hour service: +30 23810 32000 and +30 694 303 1001.

Also, in the context of providing the best possible services to visitors, they are provided free medical care at the equipped doctor’s office.

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