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About TicketSeller

TicketSeller is a 3 awards winning travel startup company as the best travel agency in Greece for 2020 and 2021 and the first host travel agency founded in October 2019 based in Chalandri Attica, with the aim of democratising the Greek travel industry by offering the service of the Independent Travel Agent.

TicketSeller does this by creating a platform accessible to all digital media, allowing the user to successfully start their own travel business.

Our values serve as a scope for our actions and describe how we behave.

  •  Service Excellence We value customers, employees, and partners. We continuously strive to look after their best interests by anticipating their needs and providing them with relevant information to make informed choices.
  • Result Driven We focus on creating value throughout the whole organisation by inspiring, recognising, and appreciating the contribution of every employee. We inspire our employees to deliver great value.
  • Integrity We believe that integrity is the key in maintaining credible, open and honest relationships with customers, employees and partners.
  • Continuous Improvement  We are committed to employees’ continuous learning, growth and improvement.
  • Team partnership We valued our customers, employees and partners and we practice that trough trust and commitment.

TicketSeller is a travel start-up, the first host travel agency in Greece, which is housed in privately owned office located at 53, Ipirou Street in Chalandri, Attica and is a member of the Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies in Greece (HATTA – Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist agencies ) and a member of the National Register of Start-ups Elevate Greece.

Tax Information:

Travel Services
53, Ipirou street, 15231, Chalandri
VAT : 801238835

Tax Office : Cholargos
G.E.M.I. : 152439703000
G.N.T.O. : 0259E70000752201

Tel. : +30 21 1113 8928
Email : [email protected]
Website : https://ticketseller.gr

Contactless Transactions

To pay for your reservations, you can pay either online  by any kind of financial cards in a secure environment, or by depositing into one of the following bank accounts owned by TICKETSELLER P.C.:

Alpha Bank: IBAN GR53 0140 2140 2140 0200 200 4046

Bank of Piraeus: IBAN GR28 0172 0760 0050 7610 0044 859