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Full-Day Tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat from Kiyv – Small Group


Chernobyl is the most famous Ukrainian phenomenon.

If you plan to visit Kyiv, don’t miss the most important and unique experience and site.

Radiation makes the zone particularly interesting.

Now at the ground there lays, in the thousand-times-decreased scale, a picture of contamination after a large radiation incident – the picture extremely intricate, interesting, representative also for chemical accidents and terrorist attacks, and fortunately already safe for the visitors.

Of course, the Zone in its central part still has places with elevated radiation, and we definitely would NOT recommend you staying at them for a long time.

However, if you follow the suggested route and the guides’ directions, your visit to the Chernobyl zone will be absolutely radiation-safe.

During the tour you will see:
(There can be some changes due to weather conditions!)
7.30-7.50am registration and departing from
Kyiv at 8am;

Dytyatky checkpoint, an official entrance to the Exclusion zone;

The village of Zalissya with abandoned houses and barns;

A bypass road to the NPP around the town of Chernobyl, built a month after the accident to facilitate the traffic of military vehicles;

An almost fully buried village of Kopachi with a remaining kindergarten;

A concrete-reloading unit, essential for the Sarcophagus erection in 1986;

A decontaminated Red Forest at place of the first and worst radioactive fall-out;

The town of Pripyat populated by 50 thousand people before the evacuation (without entering buildings inside);

Energetic Palace of culture, the main recreational site for the Pripyat youth;

Ferris wheel in the amusement park which was never open;

Pripyat stadium;

Chernobyl NPP:

The Sarcophagus and the New Safe Confinement (“Arch”) – an observation point at a 300 m distance;

Memorial “Life for Life” in front of the administrative building, there used to be an enormous parking lot in 1986.;

 the secret soviet object Chernobyl-2 (radar “DUGA-1”). Giant radar antenna “DUGA-1”.

The town of Chernobyl:

 the world’s best memorial “To Those who Saved the World’;

 an open-air exhibition of transport vehicles and robots used in 1986-clean up activities;

 ecologically-clean dinner in a Chernobyl state canteen for the Exclusion zone workers (vegetarian meal available upon request).



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Ticket type: Printed. Print and bring the ticket to enjoy the activity.


Start point:Ivana Ohiienka St, 6
End point: Same as the starting point

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The following must be supplied for all passengers: First name, last name, gender, date of birth, passport number, passport expiry date, country of issue.

You are advised to bring your passport. Participants must be at least 18 years old.


Please dress up to standard with shoulders & Knee covered. Long sleeved t-shirt Please bring fully covering boots

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