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Stories From The Dark Side – Criminals/Gangs/Mafia in New York


Take to the streets of New York with the men and women who know them best.

For 2.5 hours you’ll walk the beat with an expert guided (many of whom are retired NYPD officers or detectives) who will take you back through the criminal past of NYC – learning the shocking truth behind NY’s organised crime rings, white collar swindlers and modern scandals.

Developed with the help of NYPD officers, this exciting tour delves into the darker side of New York history, to show you shocking truth behind the city’s organised crime rings, white collar swindlers and modern scandals.

With one of our expert guides (who occasionally include retired NYPD officers and detectives) you’ll visit traditional hotbeds of New York crime like Chinatown, the Lower East Side, and a let’s not forget; Wall Street. In these classic neighbourhoods you’ll learn how the city shaped and was shaped by its criminal underbelly. This is the perfect experience for anyone with an interest in true crime, storytelling or the turbulent history of America’s greatest city.

Take to the streets of New York with a local expert guide to explore neighbourhoods once home to notorious criminals, learn how the city was ruled in waves by various immigrant crime rings and finding out what modern crime looks like in the city.

On the Lower East Side, you’ll see tenement buildings where Irish immigrants lived in subhuman conditions. The most notorious area here was the ‘Five Points’ – a junction so infamous for its gang crime (rumour has it some even lived in burrows under the streets!) that Charles Dickens came to check it out himself on a trip to NYC, not believing it could live up to its reputation. It did, of course, as your guide will tell you.

Irish gangs weren’t the only group to terrorise the Lower East Side however. Throughout the 1900s the Italian mafia kept Little Italy in a choke hold, while the 1970s and 1980s were dominated by Chinese turf wars that were so bloody you’ll hardly believe the stories.

From the city’s earliest rag-tag gangs to the mafia empires of the 20th century, you’ll separate the truth from myths popularised by movies like Gangs of New York and TV shows like The Sopranos. You’ll also learn about the city’s most notorious criminals; from Captain Kidd and Boss Tweed, to John Gotti and Leona Helmsley.

The neighbourhoods you visit are much nicer today than they were in the past but has NYC really cleaned up its act? As part of your tour, you’ll visit lower Manhattan, in particular Wall Street and the Financial District, to learn about modern, white collar crime (and the going rate for a get-out-of-jail-free card).

New York City crime tours don’t get any better than when they are developed with the help of NYPD police officers and detectives. Lifetimes of studying NYC’s criminals are synthesised into a truly unique experience that will teach you how crime is inseparable from the history of this great city.

Site Visited include Wall Street, Lower East Side Tenement Buildings, Five Points, Chinatown and Little Italy.


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