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Pablo Escobar tour


See how Medellin has changed in the last few decades with a tour that traces the life and death of the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.


– See the city from the perspective of a local guide

– Visit the most representative places relating to Pablo Escobar

– Witness how the city has transformed since his death 

Join us on a tour of Medellin to experience the impressive changes the city has made in the decades since the detention of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Learn about the details of this period of time as well as the most representative places in the life of the most powerful and richest criminal of all time.

From his house to his final resting place, this tour will show you his impact on the city. 

Above all, the walk will emphasise the evolution of the city to achieve the change from the most violent to the most innovative.

Get to know, from the perspective of a local person, the dark past that has shaded the city, and be witness to a new Medellin, which has come to be recognised as one of the most resilient cities according to the Rockefeller Foundation.

Visit the neighbourhood of El Poblado to see the most luxurious properties and the Escobar’s private penthouse where he hid his money during the early days.

Stop at “La Cathedral”, Escobar’s private prison, before a perilous and dramatic escape leading up to his death in December 1993. The tour continues to the Stadium area, where Escobar was finally captured on the rooftops, and on to the private cemetery – his final resting place.

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