Which Greek islands to visit this summer Vol.4

Which Greek islands to visit this summer Vol.4

Lush mountain landscapes

The green island of Samothraki (Samothrace) is a popular destination among Greece’s nature lovers, thanks to its beautiful trails and lush interior. 

Characterized as much by its steep mountain peaks as its coastline, you’re as likely to be cooling of in a plunge pool beneath a waterfall here as at the beach. Even the main village, Chora, is built on the steep inland slopes of the island’s tallest mountain, Mount Feggari, so come prepared for some hill walking.


Brave surfers. Petrified trees.

If you’re into nature (hiking, surfing, sandboarding, bathing in waterfalls and thermal springs) or learning about ancient history, Limnos will make you happy. Surfers will find friends at Keros Bay, where the surf club also runs a beautiful glamping site. 

History buffs can visit what is thought to be the remains of the world’s oldest parliament building, and site of the mighty city of Hephaestia. Nature and archaeology even unite to form one incredible site on Limnos: the petrified forest near Moundros. The island’s capital, the historic town of Myrina, sits below a Venetian castle, and features plenty of stores, restaurants and cafés.

Which Greek islands to visit this summer Vol.4
Which Greek islands to visit this summer Vol.4

Cycladic island. No fuss.

You’re in the Cyclades, but with this little tourism, you can hardly tell. The main town, Chora, is built in and below a 15th c. fortress, known as Kastro. The residents of Chora live mainly in the century-old houses within the walls. You’ll also find a few shops and eateries here. 

Those interested in touring religious sites will be impressed with the range, from the typical tiny white churches to the 17th c. Chrysopigi monastery, featuring secret passages, battlements and murder-holes, and the Episkopi church, which was converted from a former Roman mausoleum. We recommend spending most of your days hiking to the beautiful beaches, and experiencing the beautiful serenity.

Milos’ little sister

With tons to experience in relation to its size, Kimolos promises the perfect combination of authenticity and excitement; it’s a place where you can relax, but you won’t be bored. 

Visit the Gerakia and Pelekiti caves, and the Agioklimato hot springs, or hire a sea taxi to reach hidden beaches and the nearby island of Polyaigios. Or combine a hike from the main settlement, Chorio, with a swim at Skiadi or Mavrospilia, where you may spot some wild seals. 

The human population of about 400 permanent resident, most of whom are in Chorio, are known to organize plenty of events during the summer, so ask around to see if you can join a trek, enjoy an open-air cinema night on the beach or in a village, or anything else they have planned.

Ποια ελληνικά νησιά να επισκεφθείτε αυτο το καλοκαίρι Vol.2
Which Greek islands to visit this summer Vol.4

Rare falcons and miniature horses

Located in the northern Sporades, an island group known for its wooded landscapes and excellent beaches, you’d think Skyros would overflow with tourists in the summer. On the contrary, much of the island’s charm remains a secret, which might be a good thing, because it’s also the natural habitat of two rare animals. 

A rare migratory falcon species settles here between the months of April and October, and the island is also home to one of the world’s oldest and rarest horse breeds, the small-sized Skyrian horse, which has survived here since antiquity. 

To see some of the latter, visit Mouries Farm, or head up to the strangely purple-colored Loustria Lake, on the Ari Plateau, to spot some in the wild. Skyros has plenty of history too. Above the narrow alleys and whitewashed houses of the main town, Chora, you’ll find a Byzantine castle, and the Agios Georgios monastery, dating back to 962.

whenit is windy, run to the Blue Harbour!

This butterfly-shaped island may resemble a typical Cycladic island in terms of nature and architecture, but it’s actually located in the Dodecanese. Thanks in part to foreigners having settled permanently in the main town, Chora, and to the young crowd that visits its campsite in the summer, it has a vibrant atmosphere, and some nightlife, while still maintaining an authentic village atmosphere. 

A must experience is a visit to the paradise-like beaches at the uninhabited islets of Kounoupa and Koutsomitis (jump on an excursion boat at Pera Gialos), a swim at the popular Kaminakia beach, with its interesting rock formations, and a hike to the serene and beautiful Ai-Yiannis beach. Another worthwhile hike is to the caves in Vathy and Vatses, which feature beautiful stalactite formations.

Which Greek islands to visit this summer Vol.4

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