Daily Trips from Rhodes to Fethiye

Our partners Makri Travel’ round trips to Fethiye have been in many years in the sea line, and due to their punctual  professional services they are expanding more and more each and every year.

In 2020 they have accomplished to have joined much more tour operators  with them

This summer season, round trips will be valid each and every day of the week as below from the beginning of May 2020:

Rhodes- Fethiye (departure 08:40 am)

Fethiye – Rhodes(departure 17:00 pm)

Makri Travel will be providing historical city tours only for starters two times a week.

Tuesdays – Amynda Tombs- Grand bazaar

Sundays – Ghost village (Livissi) & Amynda Tombs.

After the excursion guests are escorted in the centre of Fethiye city to enjoy their stay.


Fethiye is one of the most tropical cities in Turkey. It is very famous for its natural green atmosphere, and crystal clear blue waters. Numerous breath taking Lycian Tombs from the 4th century B.C. , carved into high mountain cliffs overlooking the whole city of Thelmessos either wise known as Fethiye.

Guests have the option to visit the Grand Bazaar with its amazing low prices. Walking into the ancient old city of Thelmessos and exactly opposite the new city of Fethiye with a huge range of shopping departments and shocking prices.

Amynda Tombs

Amynda Tombs is the most impressive sight in Fethiye.

The Lycian Tomb which goes back to the 4th century is the largest tomb of the Lucians’, carved into the highest mountain cliff, characterised by its detailed ancient carvings and mountainside smaller tombs overlooking the tropical city of Fethiye. Having the chance of visiting the magnificent tomb just a small path reachable to the entrance of the tomb and the breathtaking sight of Fethiye city at your feet!

Fethiye shopping centre

After our panoramic city tour guests can stroll down the alleys of the Fethiye shops situated in the center of Fethiye, not far from the port. The colourful decorated alleys of Fethiye give an enthusiastic mood to shop with very low prices.




Full day excursion & transfers : Adults € 70 – Children (from 6 -11 years old) € 55 – Infants (from 0-5 years old) € 0

Full day excursion without transfer: Adults € 55 – Children (from 6 -11 years old) € 35 – Babies (from 0-5 years old) € 0

Only transfer tickets with return: Adults 45 € – Children (6 -11 years old) 25 € – Infants (0-5 years) 0 €

One way transfer tickets: Adults 25 € – Children (from 6 -11 years) 15 € – Babies (from 0-5 years) 0 €

Open return transfer tickets: Adults € 43 – Children (from 6 -11 years old) € 22 – Babies (from 0-5 years old) € 0

* *The above rates do not include the port taxes of Rhodes and Fethiye, which are paid at Rhodes port and it is 10 € per person