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Amorgos is the easternmost island in the Cyclades group and the closest island to Greece’s neighboring Dodecanese group.

It is an island with a rich cultural legacy and breathtaking natural beauty that will take your breath away from the moment you arrive.

The generosity of the Greek people will be evident on Amorgos. Its residents were put to the test for many years since it was classified as an island of the barren line.

They were cut off from contact, and now that the island is rapidly flourishing, its inhabitants willingly give wonderful experiences to anyone who chose to visit it.

They are nice, ambitious individuals who, despite recent tourist expansion, remain pure and loyal to the traditions.

They are nice, ambitious people who, despite recent tourist expansion, remain pure and devoted to their place’s traditions. During the summer, celebrations are organized, and old customs are resurrected. So that the elderly may remember and the young may learn…

The island with the strong Cycladic color and the undisturbed, by the passage of time, traditional character will amaze you, primarily because here the ancient meets the new and coexists together without modifying the other.

Amorgos not only has magnificent beaches and breathtaking scenery, but it also has old monasteries worth seeing.

 10 things to do in Amorgos

Climb all the way to the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa.
Psimeni Raki should be consumed.
Take a stroll in Chora.
Go to the Botanical Gardens.
Visit the Venice Castle.
Discover the Olympia shipwreck.
Go scuba diving.
Discover the island’s ancient civilizations.
Taste the Delectable Local Cuisine at an Amorgos Family Hotel.
Enjoy Aegiali’s beach vibe and nightlife.

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