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Dublin, Irish Dubh Linn, Norse Dyfflin (“Black Pool”), also called Baile Átha Cliath (“Town of the Ford of the Hurdle”), capital of Ireland, located on the east coast in the province of Leinster.

Situated at the head of the city Bay of the Irish Sea, Dublin is the country’s chief port, centre of financial and commercial power, and seat of culture.

It is also a city of contrasts, maintaining a relationship between reminders of earlier political and economic conditions and symbols of present-day life and prosperity.

If the ‘luck of the Irish’ is on your side and you find yourself in the infamous city in Ireland, there will be countless things for you to do and hotels for all tastes to stay in Dublin.

Let’s explore 15 things to do in Dublin

  1. Party like the Irish at The Temple Bar
  2. Take a Tour of the Old Jameson Distillery
  3. Go Back in Time to the Castle
  4. Take a Walk over Ha’penny Bridge
  5. Read a Book at Trinity College Library
  6. Learn about the Abandoned Prison of Kilmainham Gaol
  7. Go on a Trip to Wicklow Mountains
  8. Visit the Dublin Zoo
  9. Take a Day Trip to The Cliffs of Moher
  10. Stay in Fitzpatricks castle hotel in Dublin bay

  11. Stop to Smell the Roses at Dublin’s National Botanic Gardens
  12. Have a History Lesson at the National Museum of Ireland
  13. Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  14. Have an Irish breakfast in a traditional hotel in Dublin

  15. Buy some soap in Sweny’s Pharmacy

Hotels for Dublin

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