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The magnificent Milos lies in the south-west of the Cycladic Islands and is the fifth in size within this island group. It is 86 miles away from Piraeus Port and it is connected by speedboats and ferry boat.

What makes Milos special is its shape – like that of a horse shoe and its unique natural beauty. Beaches with clear waters and wonderful fine sand, rocks with amazing shapes, sea caves with crystal like water, but also remarkable historical and religious monuments such as the Early Christian catacombs, the byzantine castle, the churches and the traditional villages -all this make up a travelling experience worth living.

The capital of the island is Plaka. It is built on the 220 metres high hill above the Adamantas cove. It is built according to the traditional architecture of the Cycladic islands and is considered one of the most picturesque settlements.

Milos provides a wide range of options when it comes to accommodation services. Hotels, rooms, and apartments to let, located all across the island, compose a beautiful picture that puts authentic hospitality, cleanness, and the locals’ professionalism in the foreground.

The 13th century Venetian Castle is worth visiting in order to enjoy the amazing panorama from up there, and also the archaeological museum of the island. Among other exhibits you will be able to see a copy of the famous Aphrodite, as the original can be seen in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Let’s explore 15 things to do in Milos.

  1. Take a sailing tour around the island.
  2. Spend the day in Sarakiniko.
  3. Visit Firiplaka beach.
  4. Visit the Mining Museum.
  5. Visit Paliochori beach.
  6. Visit the Catacombs.
  7. Visit the ancient theatre..
  8. Visit the Archeological Museum.
  9. Visit Venetian castle in Plaka.
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  11. Visit Cave of Sykia.
  12. Visit Trypiti village.
  13. Check Adamas wolrd war two bomb shelter.
  14. Visit Pollonia village.
  15. Visit Kleftiko beach.

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