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Venice is a city of immense beauty and historical significance, but it is also unique and not like any other city in Italy. As the capital of the Veneto Region of Northern Italy, the city actually lies on 117 small islands that are connected by a series of bridges and separated by a network of canals.

With a population of around 250,000, Venice is not one of the largest cities in Veneto, but it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country.

Today, the city remains an important economic centre and is one of the most popular cities for tourism in the world – Sights like St. Marks’s Basilica and the Grand Canal draw millions of visitors to this small group of islands on an annual basis.

Lets explore the 15 best things to do in Venice

  1. Enjoy an Aperitivo in St. Mark’s Square
  2. Stay in a casa hotel in Venice

  3. Cruise the Grand Canal
  4. Nibble on Ciccheti at a Bacaro
  5. See amazing art in the churches
  6. Tour the Sumptuous Doge’s Palace
  7. Get lost in Venice’s narrow streets
  8. Scout out modern art
  9. Discover the Venetian islands
  10. Sip a Bellini at Harry’s bar
  11. Shop for Murano glass
  12. Explore the Venetian canals on a gondola
  13. See the greatest collections of Venetian paintings in the world
  14. Wander the Jewish Ghetto
  15. Check out the art at the Venice Biennale

Hotels for Venice

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