Adrina Resort & Spa

Adrina took its name from the famous pirate woman Adrina. According to the legend, the area called Adrina was named after the female pirate Adrina. Adrina arrived to Skopelos with her pirate ship and her men in order to take over the city. Initially, she disembarked in Panormos and hid the ship in one of the bays. The people of Skopelos however, managed to defeat her men and chased them all the way to Panormos.

When Adrina heard the bad news she sank her ship in the area between Panormos bay and Milia bay so that her treasure would not fall into the hands of the Skopelites. Adrina herself did not manage to reach land and drowned. That is how the area got the name of the pirate woman. Since then, many have searched for the famous treasure but have yet to succeed in finding them. However, one can definitely discover the unique “diamonds“ of the Adrina area and those are our hotels.

In the heart of the Aegean, Adrina Resort & Spa welcomes guests to a family oriented sanctuary, where gentle bay breezes and greetings of warm smiles fill each day. The 22 villas and 16 double/triple rooms, all with an outdoor balcony and spectacular views look across the brilliant blue Aegean Sea.

With bright, natural light and characteristic blue and white colours our venues are ideal for accommodating families on Skopelos island. Their team of passionate experts provide the warmest and welcoming Greek hospitality.