Aegila Boutique Hotel

Aegila Boutique Hotel, rated with 4 Keys, is an exceptional option for your winter or summer getaway in the heart of Mesa Mani in Gythio, an option based on contradictions and surprises of the senses, of the mind and soul. Besides, the area of Aegila itself consists of an unexpected binding of opposing elements, harmoniously matched.


The mountain slopes down to meet the sea in an imposing landscape of wild beauty that captivates the senses. This is the wildest region of Mani, but has the power to calm the senses and make the guest feel perfectly serene and protected. Besides, an etymological approach to the word “Aegila” reveals that its roots are derived from the word “aegida”, meaning “protection”. Other interpretations of the name include hustle and momentum but also to discern, to perceive and provide.

The location and atmosphere of Aegila Boutique Hotel have the distinct ability to instantly dissolve accumulated stress, creating an environment of balance and relaxation. It’s the rare sense of being isolated in a beautiful, non-accessible fort on the edge of the world, between mountain and sea, away from the stress of modern civilization, somewhere no one can find you unless you choose to let them.

It’s that very sense we want to offer you, paired with total comfort, discreet luxury and high aesthetics. Finally, you can take a deep breath.