Infinity Hotel Gythio

This brand new three star hotel stands out due to its modern architecture, high aesthetics and luxury, but above all it stands out due to its imposing view!

The rooms were made with a requirement for comfort and functionality. The unique vastness of the sea, Greek hospitality, the local flavours in breakfast, are an ideal choice for holidays of relaxation and tranquility but also for your business trips.

In the restaurant of the hotel one can enjoy, breakfast, lunch or dinner, his coffee or drink with a view that takes your breath away .. .without a doubt the most beautiful view of the city!

You will find the hotel amphitheatrically at the foot of the ancient mountain Larysi, which today is called by the locals ‘Akoumaros’ or ‘Koumaros’, just above the island of Kranai and next to the Holy Diocese of Gythio.