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Welcome to TicketSeller. This Website is for the sole purpose of assisting customers in collecting travel information by identifying the availability of travel products and services, conducting travel searches and bookings, or otherwise transacting with travel providers, and for any other purpose. The terms “we”, “us”, “us” and “TicketSeller.gr” refer to TicketSeller. The term “you” refers to the customer who visits the Website and / or makes a reservation through this Website, or through our agents. customer service.

By using this website you acknowledge that you have read and accepted without limitation the Terms and Conditions stated herein (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). By visiting or using the website in any way, you agree to be bound by the Agreement. Please read the Agreement carefully. If you do not accept all of the terms, conditions and notices, please do not use this Site. Be sure to return to this page on a regular basis to read the most recent version of this Agreement. We reserve the right to change or otherwise modify the Agreement at our sole discretion at any time, without notice. Repeated access to or use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the updated or modified Agreement.


As a condition of your use of this Website, you warrant that:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have the legal capacity to create and undertake binding legal obligations.
  • Understand that by pressing the “Search” button you trust TicketSeller with your personal information to complete your search.
  • You will use this Website in accordance with this Agreement.
  • You will use this Site to make legal reservations for you or for a third party for whom you are legally authorized to act.
  • You will notify any third party of the terms and conditions that apply to your bookings, including any terms and restrictions that apply on a case-by-case basis.
  • All information you provide on this website is true, accurate, valid and complete.
  • We reserve the right at our sole discretion to deny access to this Site and the services we offer, at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to, the breach of this Agreement and the breach of any act of fraud.


If you have any questions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service during our business hours by email at info@ticketseller.gr

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 18:00 (Greek Time) Sat: 11:00 – 17:00 (Greek Time) Sun: 12:00-15:00 (Greek Time)

We will answer your question during our business hours. Please note that priority is given to customers flying within the next 48 hours.

For urgent matters, outside of our business hours, we advise you to contact the service provider directly (airline, hotel or car rental or activity provider).


Each successful booking process is followed by a successful transaction message and booking code that you will see on the booking confirmation page. You will also receive a confirmation email with your reservation details.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours of making your reservation, you should contact our Customer Service Department. Please see the Opening Hours and contact details in the corresponding section.


The content and information on this website (including, without limitation, the price and availability of travel services), as well as the infrastructure used to provide such content and information, is our property or the property of our providers and providers. While you may provide a limited number of copies of your trip (and related documents) for products or services purchased through this Site, you agree that you will in no way modify, copy, distribute, transmit, present, perform, transcribe, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, sell or resell any information, software, product or service you obtain from or through this Site. Additionally, you agree that you will not:

  • Use the website or its contents for any commercial purpose.
  • Make any speculative, incorrect or fraudulent booking or any booking on demand.
  • Access, track or copy any content or information on this site using any robot, spider, scraper, other automated media or any manual process for any purpose without our express written permission.
  • Violate restrictions on any robot blocker headers on this site or circumvent other measures used to prevent or restrict access to this site.
  • Take any action that may or may, in our discretion, impose an unreasonable or disproportionate burden on our infrastructure.
  • Deep link to any portion of this website (including, but not limited to, the purchase route for any travel services) for any purpose without our express written permission.


Additional terms and conditions will apply to the booking and purchase of travel goods and services of your choice. Please read these additional terms and conditions carefully. You agree to comply with the terms and conditions of purchase imposed by any vendor with whom you choose to negotiate, including, but not limited to, the payment of all amounts due and compliance with the vendor’s rules and restrictions on availability and use of fares, products or services. You acknowledge that certain third-party providers offering certain services and / or activities may require you to sign their resignation prior to joining the service and / or their activity. You understand that any breach of such provider’s rules and restrictions may result in your booking being canceled, your refusal to access the applicable travel product or services, the loss of any money paid for such bookings, and / or the billing of your account for any costs arise as a result of such a breach. You hereby authorize us to cancel your unused flight in the event of non-appearance or non-attendance of the flight and request a possible refund from the airline on your behalf. We are entitled but we are not obliged to do so and your right to request returns directly from the airline remains unaffected. By purchasing any product or making any booking on our site you are fully accepting the terms of the respective supplier, even if they do not appear in the relevant section of our site due to technical errors or for any other reason.


The information, software, products and services published on this site may include inaccuracies or errors, including billing errors. In particular, TicketSeller does not warrant the accuracy and disclaims any responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies associated with the information and description of travel products displayed on this website (including, but not limited to, prices, photos, hotel listings). technical specifications, general product descriptions, etc.), as most information is provided by their respective partners. In addition, TicketSeller expressly reserves the right to correct any pricing errors on our website and / or on pending bookings made at the wrong price. In this case, if available, we will offer you the opportunity to keep your pending booking at the right price, or we will cancel your booking without penalty or offer you an alternative booking at your best service. Any ratings displayed on this site are for general guidance only and TicketSeller does not warrant the accuracy of ratings. TicketSeller and its partners do not warrant the availability of specific products and services. TicketSeller and its partners may make improvements and / or changes to this Site at any time.

TicketSeller and its partners make no representations about the appropriateness of the information, software, products and services contained on this site for any purpose and the inclusion or offer of any products or services on this site recommends any endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by TicketSeller. All such information, software, products and services are provided “as is” without any warranty. TicketSeller and its partners disclaim all warranties and conditions that this Website, its servers or any emails sent by TicketSeller and / or its partners are free of viruses or other harmful components. TicketSeller and its partners disclaim all warranties and conditions regarding such information, software, products and services, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement.

Partners providing travel or other services on this website are independent contractors and not TicketSeller agents or employees. TicketSeller shall not be liable for acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of such suppliers or for any personal injury, death, property damage or other damage or expense arising therefrom. TicketSeller is not responsible for, and will not be liable for, delays, cancellations, overbooking, strikes, force majeure or other causes beyond its direct control and is not responsible for any additional costs, omissions, delays, any government actions.

In no event will TicketSeller and / or its partners be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from or in any way linked to your access to or access to or use of this site or delayed or unable to access, view or use this site (including, inter alia, your trust in the views appearing on this site; all computer viruses, information, software, online access site, products and services obtained through this website or in any way resulting from access, promotion or use of this website) whether based on the theory of negligence, contract, tort, liability or otherwise, even if TicketSeller and / or its partners have been made aware of the potential for such damage.

Under no circumstances is TicketSeller responsible if you do not have your valid travel documents or rights to travel. It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and, if required, a visa. Each destination has its own requirements regarding entry formalities, customs, vaccinations, etc. TicketSeller cannot be held responsible for events resulting from cases where formal requirements are not met.

If, notwithstanding the foregoing limitation, TicketSeller or its partners are liable for any loss or damage resulting from or in any way related to any of the events described above, then TicketSeller and / or its partners shall in no way be held liable, will not in total exceed the greater of (a) the Service Charges paid to TicketSeller in connection with such transactions on this Website or (b) One Hundred Euro (€ 100.00) or the equivalent in local currency.

The limitation of liability reflects the risk sharing between the parties. The restrictions set out in this section will remain and apply even if it is found that a limited remedial measure specified in these conditions has not achieved its essential purpose. The limitations of liability provided by these terms are insured for the benefit of TicketSeller, and / or their partners.


You agree to defend and indemnify TicketSeller and / or its partners and any of its executives, directors, employees and agents by and against any claims, causes of action, claims, recoveries, losses, damages, fines , costs of any kind or nature, including, but not limited to, reasonable legal and accounting fees incurred by third parties as a result of:

Violation of this Agreement or the documents referred to herein. Violation of any law or third-party rights or Use of this site.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

According to Directive 2013/11 / EU and Parliament’s Regulation 524/2013, all disputes between consumers resident and traders established in the European Union resulting from the sale of goods or the provision of services may be submitted to an electronic dispute resolution platform, providing a single point of service for consumers and traders seeking to resolve their disputes out of court online. You can visit the European OED platform by following this link.


Any software available for download from this Website (the “Software”) is copyrighted work of TicketSeller and / or its partners. Use of this Software is subject to the terms of the End User License Agreement, if any, which accompanies or is included with the Software (the “License”). You may not install or use any Software that comes with or includes a License, unless you first agree to the terms of the License Agreement. For any Software available for download on this website and not accompanied by a License, we grant you, the user, a limited, personal, non-transferable license to use the Software to display and use this website, according to the terms and conditions and for no other purpose.

Please note that all Software, including, without limitation, all HTML codes contained on this website, is owned by TicketSeller and / or its partners and is protected by copyright and international law. Any reproduction or redistribution of the Software is expressly prohibited and may lead to severe civil and criminal penalties. Offenders will be prosecuted as far as possible.

Without limiting the foregoing, copying or reproducing the software on any other server or site for further reproduction or redistribution is expressly prohibited. Software is guaranteed, if not at all, only under the terms of the license.


The content of this website is the intellectual property of © TicketSeller 2019 – 2022.