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The Company

The owner of this website is TicketSeller P.C. with VAT no 801238835, Tax Office Chalandri and it is based in Chalandri, Ipirou 53, Postcode 15231, GEMI no 152439703000 and GNTO operating license 0259 E70000752201.

General Terms and Conditions

The use of TicketSeller website and the booking and purchase of airline  tickets and other services are governed by the General Terms and Conditions, which apply to all booking orders, whether online, by telephone, or at our offices and the customer accepts them.

The general terms and conditions are set by the individual service provider and not by our broker company. Before completing each purchase, the customer must know the terms of the respective benefits and adhere to them.

Booking and confirmation

By booking online, by telephone, by email or at our office, the customer orders TicketSeller to mediate the provision of the relevant service. In the event of any changes or cancellations from the Provider, TicketSeller is not responsible and undertakes to inform the Client as soon as possible and to mediate between them and the Provider.

When the client orders a reservation, he / she also complies with its regulations. In case the user does not comply with the terms, TicketSeller is not obliged to continue to perform booking commands.

In case of booking the user / client will receive confirmation via e-mail and is obliged to immediately check the correctness of the information to correct any errors. In the case of ticket / hotel reservations, the customer’s name must correspond to that of his / her identity or passport. Delayed reporting of errors can lead to an inability to correct them, which will not be borne by the agency.

Prices and payment methods

Rates and fees for cancellations and changes are set by the travel service provider, and TicketSeller fees are included in the total price of the service offered.

To pay for reservations, you can pay in cash at our office or by credit / debit card debit in a secure environment, by depositing into one of the following bank accounts owned by TICKETSELLER P.C., either by credit or debit card directly from our site

Alpha Bank: IBAN GR53 0140 2140 2140 200 200 4046

Bank of Piraeus: IBAN GR28 0172 0760 0050 7610 0044 859

The relevant documents, e.g. airline tickets, are transmitted to the customer only upon payment within the time limit set by the provider. TicketSeller is not responsible for the possible cancellation of a reservation upon the expiration of the deadline set by the provider.

Shipment of tickets and travel documents

Airline tickets are sent to the user electronically via email. For other services, vouchers or other information documents are sent electronically.

The customer also has the responsibility to bring travel documents necessary and valid during their journey.

Cancellations – Returns

The ability to change or cancel an airline ticket, a trip or other product or service, and the conditions governing such change or cancellation, are set by the provider and TicketSeller cannot interfere with them.

Costs that may arise in the event of a change or cancellation of a travel service, as determined by the terms of the respective provider, shall be borne exclusively by the customer.

In case the customer decides not to use any part of his ticket, he is obliged to inform about this change so that the provider is informed accordingly. It is noted that each airline has its own regulations and it is up to them whether they will accept the change and whether there will be any charges. For example, if the holder of a return ticket does not use the first leg of his ticket and is judged by the non-show airline, it may be possible to cancel his return ticket or to allow the rest of the ticket to be used at some cost.

The reservation does not oblige the customer to purchase the service and can be cancelled without charge. Once a ticket is purchased or paid for, a change or cancellation may result. Charges are set by each provider and are the same for all customers. In case of change or cancellation at fault of the provider there are no charges. TicketSeller service charges are reported from our office.

Ticket change
A) For each reservation  there is a cost of € 5.00 for reservations worth up to € 200 and a change cost of € 10.00 for reservations worth over € 200.

B) In case we have sent you the tickets, you will need to return them to us (does not apply to e-tickets). The new tickets will either be sent to you again – if you pay the shipping costs again – or we will make sure to pick them up at the port of departure on the same day at no extra charge (provided the shipping company supports the prepaid ticket).

The content of this site is solely owned by TicketSeller and is not prohibited by third parties, in any way or for any purpose. TicketSeller also reserves the right to modify and update the terms of the Terms at any time without notice to users.