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Do you want to make the shift from tourist to traveler? Search and book from our globe excursions and activities!

Whether you’re a seasoned global traveler or not, traveling like one is surprisingly simple. The key is not in hush-hush hidden locations passed down by word of mouth, but rather in intuitive everyday trips and activities that will allow you to fully explore cultures and nations. What exactly does this mean? It entails abandoning the paved road in favor of a dirt track and keeping a record of your activities. Traveling entails far more than merely seeing the tourist traps.

While the must-see attractions and places are always entertaining, it’s time to put on your traveller’s hat and become interested. View some of our activities, but keep in mind that you can always find us.

Santorini 3 nights Island Break
3 nights accommodation in Santorini
Start from 257.37€
Gramvousa Balos Day Cruise
half day
Start from 20€
City and Island break Crete Naxos
8 days / 7 nights
Start from 325.58€
Pablo Escobar tour TicketSeller Περιήγηση στη Μεντεγίν του Πάμπλο Εσκομπάρ
Start from 79.5€
Hiking in Meteora (Πεζοπορία στα Μετέωρα) Ticketseller
Start from 72€