10 safest beaches in Europe

10 safest beaches in Europe

10 safest beaches in Europe (10 πιο ασφαλείς παραλίες στην Ευρώπη) Ticketseller

European Best Destinations has published a list of the 10 safest beaches in Europe that you can visit without fear in the summer of 2020, with Greece present with two beaches.

The safest beaches in Europe by covid_19 were selected based on criteria such as the small number of people infected with the coronavirus, the size of the beaches and the square meters available for each person on the beach.

Other criteria are based on the large offer of private villas, tourist apartments, small or medium-sized hotels with special health protocols and commitments to travellers, such as room cleaning and disinfection after each stay and respect for social distance.

These destinations are also close to hospitals that were never full during the crisis, with average hospital beds per capita above the European average.

The 10 safest beaches:

  1. Monolithi Beach, Preveza, Greece
  2. Comporta, Alentejo, Portugal
  3. Hel Peninsula, Poland
  4. Porto Santo Beach, Porto Santo – Madeira Islands – Portugal
  5. Halikounas, Corfu, Greece
  6. Ghajn Tuffieha Beach, Riviera bay beach, Malta
  7. Meia Praia, Lagos – Algarve, Portugal
  8. Jurmala beach, Latvia
  9. Nida beach, Nida – Lithuania
  10. Binz Beach, Binz – Rügen Island, Germany

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