Staycation: A post pandemic travel trend

Have you planned traveling this year? Probably not  if the trip for you is defined as travel by boat or plane over a distance of more than 3 hours and to a location that is ranked among the most sought after destinations.

But there is a portion of people who even with health restrictions took vacations, went on trips, recharged their batteries.


They are the ones who did staycation, the word that comes from stay and vacation. The new trend in vacations and travel.

It sounds strange, but always, the journey was the passage of the mind in particular, and not the body. Anything that does not resemble the vacation we did before the coronavirus, is defined as staycation.

It is not a compromise, nor a reduction of the need for rest, it is the ability to adapt to new conditions without being deprived of your favorite habits.

Let’s see how you can go on a vacation in the aftermath of a pandemic.

- In the city -

Have you visited all the museums in your city? Have you taken a walk on the beach or the river near you?

Big Cities

The big cities have infinite points of historical interest


Various venues organize screenings and lectures, even workshops on social issues, dance, arts.

Concerts & Theatres

Of course there are also concerts and theatrical performances that you can watch either live or online.


If you are in a sporty mood, choose routes that you like and aim to walk 10,000 steps a day.

In nearby destinations

Find your favourite holiday home to an ultimate holiday destination.

No need to break your bank, just search and find a room at a low price, either for a few days or for a longer period, in an area that has all the characteristics of a travel destination.

Many times it is a few kilometers from your home, but you have never thought about it until now.

Find a room with awesome mountain or sea views and read the best seller you bought last year and dust off the shelf or rediscover your favorite music.

If you have the right company, organize chess or table tournaments.

Find yoga or cooking classes or road races nearby and staycation for a weekend to discover yourself and heal your body and soul.

- For couples -

Many people get lost in everyday life and obligations and do not find as much time as they want for their partner. Romantic staycations can be a dinner in a restaurant, an evening in a beautiful city hotel, a weekend stay to a spa hotel. Discover places to see the sunrise or sunset with a unique view.

Depending on the season, there are also the ideal proposals for this new holiday trend. For example, at Easter you can do your shopping in physical stores without rushing during off-peak hours. Every town and village celebrate these days in their own way and you may not have had time to see them until now. The same goes for Christmas and other holidays of the year.

Of course, staycation in summer can with a little good planning and enough inspiration replace the summer vacation in the sense of a car full of suitcases. The nearby beaches of your chosen area, the outdoor pools, and even the forests to walk or bike under the coolness of the trees are some ideas to get away from the bustling city.

 Most sports have their own season but some are for the whole year. Horse riding, diving, tennis, table tennis, swimming, hiking, sailing is some of the sports available in each county and you can enjoy them at staycation.