Top 5 destinations for winter weekend getaways in Greece

5 Ideal winter destinations in Greece for weekend Getaways!

As Christmas is over, you dream of walks on snowy slopes and drill into stone taverns to enjoy steamy appetizers next to the wood stove.

Whether you choose to travel after Christmas or on off season dates, we have found some weekend getaways that will take your stress away.


Completely intertwined with Lake Orestiada, it makes the city of Western Macedonia an ideal winter destination. The walk by the calm lake that has been included in the “Natura 2000” program will make you get to know the city better either by car or by bike, even on foot for the most athletic visitors.

Exploring the Doltso district will take you back in time with its cobbled streets and imposing mansions and you should not miss to visit the Aquarium of the city which is the largest in the Balkans with fresh water.

Pork knuckle and giant local beans are among the flavors that you should definitely put on your menu.

Elati - Pertouli, Trikala

Images taken from postcards with fir trees sprinkled with snow and nostalgic smell of wood stoves await you on a dreamy weekend gateway to Elati and Pertouli in Trikala.

Leaving Trikala, the first stop is the amphitheater stone-built traditional village at 950 meters of Mount Koziakas. In Elati you wear your warmest clothes to walk the alleys, to enjoy the local delicacies and homemade liqueurs but also to buy herbs collected from the mountain. Moving on to the cosmopolitan Pertouli, the scene looks like a fairy tale as soon as the first snowflakes appear.

It has more tourist infrastructure and options for everyone since there is a ski resort that gathers crowds every winter.


A World Heritage Site is hidden in Thessaly and it is waiting for you to discover it.

Meteora is one of the travel destinations that you can visit all year round, but it creates a scene from a movie on winter with the fog embracing the high rocks and the smoke from the fireplaces of the houses at their foot.

The view from above will be unforgettable, as well as the immersion if you visit the monasteries. In the picturesque Kalambaka you will find accommodation and taverns for unforgettable winter holidays.


On the edge of Greece is a city that is a favorite destination of young and old. Every year Xanthi brings to life the magic of Christmas in its center, with Euchoupolis gathering thousands of visitors every Christmas season, since it is an ideal destination for families with children.

The Thracian city is famous for its sweets and in particular the famous cariocas, pies and appetizers with local herbs. The walk and the stop for coffee in the neighborhood of the old town is a must – see how harmoniously the tradition of the east and the west unite and to admire the mansions.

After all, did you find your destination for an unforgettable weekend getaway this winter?

Ioannina and Zagorochoria

The capital of Epirus, together with the villages of Zagori, are an all-time classic destination for the whole year.

Starting from Ioannina and the dazzling lake Pamvotida with the unique island of Kyra-Frosini that is inhabited and you can visit to try unique sweets but also to buy handmade jewelry.

The fish of the lake are a famous and exquisite delicacy that you should give it a chance.

If you choose to stay in Zagorochoria you will have to choose between traditional hostels and boutique hotels, all with a strong local element, fireplace, stunning views and delicious delicacies for breakfast.

Small and Big Papigo, Vitsa, Kipoi, Ano and Kato Pedina, Dilofo, Kepesovo are among the most famous villages of Zagori to stop for food, dessert and exploration.