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Kalambaka is built at the roots of the rocks of Meteora and it is located northwest of the Prefecture of Trikala.

It is 20 km from Trikala and is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

It is known all over the world for the famous monasteries that are built on the tops of the rocks of Meteora.

For your accommodation, you should choose to stay in a hotel in Kastraki, which is essentially an extension of Kalambaka with modern hotels and traditional hotels.


The majestic rocks in Meteora dominate imposingly in Kalambaka between the mountains Koziaka and Antihasion and is a unique geological phenomenon along with an important monument of Orthodoxy.

Choose for your accommodation in Meteora a hotel overlooking the imposing rocks and your trip here will be unforgettable!

At the sight of these sacred rocks you will be dazzled by the grandeur of this giant stone complex.

According to geologists, the “tectonic horn” formations formed between the Koziaka and Antihasion mountains about 60 million years ago when the sea covering the area began to recede, dragging and stacking rocks on the seabed, which stabilized over the years.

Now, it is a protected monument of humanity by UNESCO and the largest monastic state in the country after Mount Athos!

Today, of the many monasteries in Meteora, only six operate: Agios Nikolaos Anapafsaeos, Metamorphoseos tou Sotiros or Megalo Meteoro, Barlaam, Roussanou, Agia Triada and Agios Stefanos.

A visit to one of the monasteries is a life experience regardless of the degree of faith that each of us have.

The contact with the monastic life, the spaces themselves, the unique energy, the contact with the unfamiliar, the rhythms that flow differently, are unique experiences.

The monks welcome the visitors and the pilgrims very hospitably in their little houses.

During easter, the mystical atmosphere in the monasteries of Meteora is unique.

The mist of winter may envelop the city and the stone forest of Meteora with a mystery, but spring is the ideal time to tour the monasteries and walk on the paths.

During your visit to the monasteries, take care of the appropriate attire required by the sanctity of the monasteries.

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What to do
in Kalambaka

Equipped with the necessary supplies and the mood to discover, the visitor has the opportunity to engage in several activities such as: 

Hiking and climbing, archery, canoe kayaking on the river Pinios from December to late April, skiing at Pertouli Ski Center, which is only 53 minutes drive through the provincial road of Chrysomilia – Kleinou (41.4 km), horse riding and mountain bike.

After your favourite activities do not forget to try the homemade sausages and local meats, cheese and yogurt which are ranked first in the gastronomic domestic products and do not leave Kalambaka without trying a variety of homemade pies – the local specialty! Combine the dish of your choice with a glass of local wine or a little tsipouro!

Last but not least, Kalambaka has a long tradition in the production of handmade wood carvings but also in the manufacture of religious icons painted by local artists.

Some of the workshops are located outside the city center.

Also, take a look at the wide variety of embroidery, leather sandals and local souvenir shops.

Info &
Communication tel.

Kalambaka is 352 km from Athens and 237 km from Thessaloniki.

The telephone numbers for the bus station is 0030 2431 073 130 and for the train station is 0030 2431 027 214.

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