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Preveza, the city-island of Epirus, is located at the southern tip of Epirus.

The city was created at the end of the 12th century after the desolation of Nikopolis and it was the economic and administrative center of the prefecture.

It is also its main port and communication hub between Epirus – Acarnania and Greece – Italy. It is connected with an underwater tunnel with Aktio airport.


Arriving by land, sea or air, Preveza welcomes you and smiles at you. There where the deep blue Ionian Sea and the calm Amvrakikos Gulf meet this city – island of the three castles with the wonderful waterfront, a marina full of sailing boats, dozens of restaurants and taverns, sidewalks and a historic center with refined shops will enchant you.

Just outside the city lays the ancient Nikopolis where you will “meet” Octavian Augustus, Antonios and Cleopatra. Afterwards get ready to explore  60 km of sandy beaches.

In this corner of Epirus, the choices are many as well as the pleasures…

The enchanting natural environment and the scattered monuments of history and culture of the area in combination with the genuine continental hospitality cause the visitor the interest to feel, to discover and to experience the landscape that stands out in front of him.

Also, Preveza can be the base for excursions throughout the NW. of Greece. Minimal time is required to visit Lefkada, Arta, the secret gate of the underworld in Acheron river, Ioannina and Zagorochoria and Paxos.

It is worth visiting the wetland of the Amvrakikos Gulf, where between the estuaries of the rivers Louros and Arachthos is hidden an ecological paradise that is protected by the Ramsar Convention and belongs to the Natura 2000.

Near the Cote d’Azur, there are thermal baths that you can visit. Paliosaraga, asit is called, are suitable for arthritic and rheumatic diseases.

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Preveza feels like an island and combines quiet holidays with cosmopolitan life. Narrow alleys and neoclassical buildings are some of its features. It is a coastal prefecture and is distinguished for the morphological changes of the landscape, high mountains and beautiful beaches.

You will find hotels and accommodation of all categories for your post covid holidays and many amenities for an unforgettable vacation.

Info & Useful tel.numbers

Preveza can be reached by car via the Ionian Road and the Aktio underwater tunnel, by air from Aktio Airport or by ferry from Italy to the port of Igoumenitsa.

Buses: 26820 22213 – 26820 61315

Police: 2682 022100 – 2682 089540

Port Authority: 2682 022226

Hospital: 2682 361200

Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis: 26820 89892

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