Kastoria Accommodation, sightseeing and activities

Kastoria - Accommodation, sightseeing and activities

Kastoria is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Greece, surrounded by 2 imposing mountains Grammo and Vitsi. Also famous as the city of furs is built amphitheatrically over Lake Orestiada.

The old quarter of the city, Dolcho with dozens of mansions one after the other, some ruined or one step before the collapse and others restored and proud. Thanks to these mansions and the approximately 70 temples (Byzantine and post-Byzantine), Kastoria is a destination for those who love history and discover lost treasures, scholars, architects and decorators.

 For your stay you can choose to stay out of town in a hotel overlooking the lake and all of Kastoria or stay in an old mansion-traditional hotel in the old town.

About Kastoria
and the lake

The lake of Kastoria is located at an altitude of 620m. It has an elliptical shape and its waters surround the city and it is the eighth largest lake in Greece. The lake has many water inflows from the west and an outflow into the river Aliakmonas.


The best way to get to know the city is by making the small tour of the lake, starting from the south beach and ending in the north.


Relaxation and calm are the first emotions that overwhelm you, as you wander the narrow lakeside road. Dense beeches and spectacular plane trees delimit the route, creating an almost spooky setting. Lake Orestiada embraces an important bird fauna, with more than 200 species, many of which are rare and endangered. Local fishermen in their traditional boats, masterfully compete with the water birds with a prize of all kinds of pond fish.


From the 6th to the 8th of January, the special carnival of the city takes place in Kastoria, the famous Ragoutsaria where all the city take part. The locals dress up and organize in bunches. Each bunch with its own orchestra goes out into the streets drinking and dancing and asks for treats from passers-by and houses. The culmination of the celebration is the parade of the herds, where the best is awarded.


Stroll through the old neighborhoods and picturesque alleys

Romantic Getaways

Romantic walk by the lake under the plane trees

Activities in Kastoria

During your stay there do not forget:

  • To visit Dispilio village. A prehistoric lake settlement dating from 5,000 BC has been excavated at Nissi. Next to it, an impressive park has been formed with a natural representation of part of this settlement and information about the life of the inhabitants of the area about 7,000 years ago.


  • See the traditional village Nestorio, where every summer on the banks of the Aliakmonas River is organized the famous River Party with the participation of well-known artists.


  • Visit the fossil forest in the village of Nostimo, 20 million years old.


  • Take a closer look at the Korestia villages in the north of the prefecture. Although today most of them are deserted, they stand out for the unique atmosphere and the special construction of their houses from bricks, the so-called “mud houses”.


  • Ski at the ski resort of Vitsi, near the picturesque village of Polykerasso

How to get to Kastoria

Kastoria is 575 km from Athens (via Kozani) and 219 km from Thessaloniki.

KTEL Kastoria operates daily services within the prefecture and for other cities in Macedonia and Greece. In particular, there are itineraries to and from Thessaloniki, Athens, Kozani, Volos, Larissa, Lamia, Ioannina, Amynteo and Veria.

There is also an urban bus that runs daily services to and from nearby settlements.

You can also reach by air via Argos Orestiko (10 km from Kastoria).

At a distance of 10 km from the city of Kastoria, in Argos Orestiko, is the State Airport of Kastoria Aristotelis, which connects Kastoria with Kozani and Athens.

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