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Also known as Ikos, it belongs to the Northern Sporades and it is famous for its unique beauty and the unsurpassed combination of crystal clear waters with lush vegetation.

The mild winter of the island makes Alonnisos an all season destination while it is considered more alternative than the neighboring Skiathos and Skopelos because it does not have too many tourists.

The only thing for sure is that it has many paths that lead either to deserted beaches or to the highest points of the island for breathtaking views.


Patitiri is the capital of the island, where the port is located.

Its name is due to the presses of the area that were in abundance since viticulture was a main source of income.

Alonnisos has many hotels around its port for all budgets and there is also the Historical and Folklore Museum.

Cobbled alleys and the medieval aura of the castle will welcome you in Chora of Alonisos, which was formerly the capital of the island.

If you visit the island in the summer, you will be fed up with diving on pristine beaches that can not be reached by car, while boats will take you to the neighbouring uninhabited islands to discover exotic sandy beaches. The most important beaches in Alonisos are Agios Dimitrios, the youth favorite Leftos Gialos and the green bay in George Gialos with the trees ending where the waves break.

Kokkinokastro is a colourful puzzle with rocks, green waters and shady trees, while if you like snorkeling and cosmopolitan life you will love the Golden Apple.

For food by the sea there is Votsi and Rousoum Gialos which has hotels for unique holidays in Alonnisos.

If you are interested in homeopathy, then you are at the right place as in Milia is the International Academy of Classical Homeopathic Medicine, founded in 1955. Medical tourism acquires flesh and blood as in the summer months teams of doctors from around the world arrive to train in the unique institution that teaches Homeopathic Medicine.

Other activities that you can do and get to know the green island better are hiking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking and cycling.

The cheese pie of Alonisos, the macaroons, the soup of fresh fish, the bubbles and the hamalia, leave to the visitors the best taste impressions.

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The Marine Park
and the Underwater Museum

Another reason to choose Alonissos for your vacation is the jewel not only of the island but of the whole of Europe.

The Alonissos National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades is the first in Greece and the largest in Europe. Apart from Alonnisos, the park area also includes the islands of Peristera, Kyra Panagia, Gioura, Psathoura, Piperi and Skantzoura.

Hundreds of animals and plants live in a unique habitat with archeological findings and it is widely known that it hosts the Monachus Monachus seal.

Access to the public is allowed in specific areas and for specific activities such as swimming, free diving, hiking, amateur photography, etc.

In August 2020, the Parthenon of the Seabed was inaugurated, as the first Underwater Museum was located, located inside the Marine Park.

The nearly 4000 wine amphorae of the oldest shipwreck in the world, can finally welcome divers who want so much to explore it.

The famous shipwreck of Peristera, an uninhabited island off Alonisos became a museum and the findings can be enjoyed not only by those who dive but also by those who visit the Public Information Center that operates in Chora.

Already in the first days of its operation it managed to impress divers from all over the world.

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You can reach Alonisos by sea from Kimi, Agios Konstantinos and Volos and by air from Skiathos, Skyros and Anchialos.

On the island you can travel by car, while in summer there is a local bus. Taxis serve all year round


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