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Astypalea, the butterfly of the Aegean, belongs to the Prefecture of Dodecanese, but geographically and culturally it is located between the Dodecanese and the Cyclades.

It is an island in the Dodecanese, that will change your opinion about the Cyclades, when you realise that it is the most beautiful island of the Cyclades and the reason is because it walks the line between Dodecanese and Cyclades and gathers unique features from both and creates a distinct effect.



Chora (the town center)  of Astypalea is the most beautiful island town in the Cyclades.

It is perched on a rock and at the top stands out the Venetian castle of Guerini with its 2 churches inside, the older one of Agios Georgios Glykavlis built in 1790 with its wood-carved iconostasis and Panagia of the Castle, built in the middle of the 18th century.

The island is divided into the Mesa and the Exo Island with a sandy strip, the pass, 100 meters long.

On the left side of the Aegean butterfly, on the Exo island, you will find Livadi, which is located next to Chora following the road in front of the Mills.

If you choose to move from Chora to the eastern part of Astypalea, the Mesa Island, you will find yourself in Analipsi, which is highly developed for tourism and gathers a large number of travellers on its sandy beach.


The meeting point of the inhabitants and travellers is the 8 traditional mills with red roofs in the central plaza of the Chora. One of the mill operates as a lending library, another is the office of the Municipality for information about the island, while another is used for various exhibitions / events during festivals.


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Information on when
and how to reach Astypalea

The island is primarily a summer destination, although Easter in the island has its charm.

Although on the map the island may seem small, the distances are quite long.

For this reason, we suggest you rent a car or motorcycle there.

Astypalea has a regular ferry connection from the port of Piraeus all year round with  journey duration of around 8-10 hours.

An alternative way to easily reach the island is from Naxos as an intermediate destination, but of course you can go even easier, by air! In this case the trip lasts only 1 hour

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